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Aluminium Brazed Products

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Aluminium Brazed Products

Our aluminum manufacturing facility located in Ajman-UAE has the most sophisticated and advanced machinery handled by dedicated professionals providing our clients with top class products.
We take pride in the fact that we are the exclusive manufacturers of Aluminum Brazed products in the Gulf region and provide our clients the leading edge in Automotive & Industrial Aluminum Radiators, Oil coolers, and Inter coolers, for O.E.M and aftermarket sales for local and international market to suit the needs of global demand in Brazed Aluminum technology for new generation vehicles and industrial applications.
We firmly believe in protecting the environment and our plant is completely ecofriendly and encourages environmental friendly practices.
In short span of time Dolphin has developed a wide range of radiators for Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, BMW, Mercedes, Subaru, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Scandia, Volvo, GMC and many more and has a good position in the market for its excellent quality products and remarkable services.

Dolphin Advantages

  • All aluminum, vacuum brazed construction
  • Varying core dimensions utilizing standard parts
  • Robust design to handle high pressures and temperatures
  • Multiple fin geometries
  • Cores and complete coolers available
  • In house design facility
  • Light weighted, compact and corrosive resistance products
  • Better Heat transfer rate

Product Classifications

We offer a wide range of precision-engineered Radiator & Cores, Plate & Bar Oil Coolers, Charge Air Coolers, Combi Coolers.

Complete Radiators & Cores

We offer a wide range of precisely engineered Complete Radiators & Cores that help in meeting various performances and allied requirements. 

  • Different Types of On Road, Off – Road & Industrial Radiators
  • Complete Aluminum & Aluminum / Plastic Construction
  • As per OEM & International Standards
  • For Japanese, American, European & Korean vehicle Applications.
  • Multi range of Tube & Fin types
  • State-of-the-art machinery & high quality assurance as per recognized certification standards.

Plate & Bar Oil Coolers & CAC

Dolphin provides a full range of aluminum Plate & Bar oil cooler’s. We design & manufacture After Cooler’s, Oil Cooler’s, Fuel Cooler’s, Charge-Air-Cooler’s, Radiator’s or a combination of cooling services (Combi Cooler’s, Air + Water + Oil) to meet your application requirements.

  • All Type of Diesel Vehicles & stationary Diesel Engines
  • Plate & Bar Oil Coolers for Trucks, Off Road & Industrial Applications
  • As per OEM & International Standards
  • High Pressure Applications
  • Multi range of Tube & Fin Types
  • High Thermal heat transfer Capacity & Cost Effective Products

Combi Coolers

The aluminum charge air cooler (CAC) is becoming a popular and common in the O.E.M and aftermarket. Dolphin CAC cools supercharged air coming from the engine’s turbo while still meeting inlet air requirements. Available in multi pattern aluminum brazed construction style. Dolphin charge air coolers are manufactured as a vacuum brazed in all aluminum construction.
The charge air cooler core is assembled from component tubes, fins and internal fins. This assembly is then vacuum brazed together forming a single piece core. The resulting structure is tremendously strong due to the reinforcement provided by the external and internal fins. After the charge air cooler is assembled and brazed, the end tanks (or manifolds) are welded on to the core.
The welding process provides a means of attachment which is as strong as the aluminum itself. The fins are designed to trip the boundary layer of the air flow over them, thus reducing the thickness of the boundary layer and enhancing heat transfer.

Custom Cores and Coolers

Customized coolers are available for O.E.M and after market applications with the help of a in-house design facility.

  • For all On-Road, Off-Road & Industrial Applications
  • Maximum Core Size: 3 meters x 1.7 meters
  • As per OEM & International Standards
  • High Pressure Applications
  • Multi range of Tube & Fin Types
  • High Thermal heat transfer Capacity & Cost Effective Products
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