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Oil, Gas And Marine Services

Scope Of Services

A key competitive advantage of ours is the development process that we have carefully developed and practiced over the years.
We specialize in

  • LGO Cargo Heater

    • Tube Renewal
    • Tube Side Cleaning (High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning)
    • Shell Dise Chemical Cleaning
    • Plugging (Tig Welding)
    • Manufacturing A Complete New Unit
  • Fresh Water Coolers

    In some marine Applications, fresh water engines & Lube oil cooling systems are used. Shell and tube type water cooler as well as Plate Heat exchangers can be used if space is a constrain. For seawater application corrosion resistant materials are preferred. We also provide Heat exchangers for sea water applications

    Fresh water Cooler (Plate type)
  • Steam Heat Calorifier

    Steam is an ideal medium for water heating, tubular heat exchangers. These can be designed to accommodate a wide range of pressures, although most users prefer to have Calorifiers operating with pressures below 10 bar. Super heat can be accommodated and degree of super heat should always be stated at the enquiry stage. Also Cooling of water is possible by the calorifier by supplying chilled water.

  • Engine Air Cooler

    Both the water cooled and air cooled Engine air coolers are manufactured by us. The high pressured and temperature air from the turbocharger is passed through the engine air coolers and the temperature is reduced by keeping the same pressure to get a better performance of engine.

    Engine Air cooler-1
  • Ultra Sonic Cleaning

    Dolphin uses the latest technology with ecologically safe & biodegradable cleaning agents. It is extremely efficient & Safe method to clean components, which are otherwise inaccessible without mechanical damage.

  • JET Cleaning

    Low high and ultra high-pressure hydro jetting by High Pressure Pump with flexi and rigid lances and rotating nozzle in site or in-house up to 30000 PSI.

  • Re-Tubing

    When a heat exchanger needs to be repaired, some or all the tubes of Shell and Tube heat exchanger can be replaced for better performance and long lasting. It is proven that complete re-tubing is a better option than performing minor repairs or getting a complete new heat exchanger. Dolphin facilitates partial or complete re-tubing of the heat exchanger both, onsite and offsite. Our special ‘riding crew’, are well equipped with machinery and can reach the site or get the heat exchanger repaired in a reasonable amount of time. Our extensive experience and modern machinery guarantees the completion of the redubbing job in the promised time and comparatively cheaper price. Dolphin also fabricates, re-bundles and completely replaces all types of heat exchanger in our fully equipped workshop

  • Chemical Cleaning / Servicing

    We have a wide range of in house facilities for high pressure foam cleaning system by using Foam Generator machine for different applications.

Brands / Model / Types

LGO Cargo Heater, Steam Heater, COPT Condensers, Fuel Oil Heater, Tube in Tube Condensers, Fresh Water Generator, Atmospheric Condensers, M/E Lube Oil Cooler, Fresh Water Coolers, Steam Heat Calorifier, Engine Air Cooler, Ultra Sonic Cleaning, JET Cleaning, Re-Tubing, Chemical Cleaning / Servicing

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