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Anti-Corrosive Coatings

DOLPHIN offers a number of Protective Coatings to enhance the life of its coils including Condensers & Evaporators which includes,

  • Thermoguard
  • Heresite

These coatings have a High Durability and have Protective Factors to deal with the severe Gulf Region Atmospheric changes, on shore as well as offshore. Each of these coatings carries a warranty of 2-7 years.
Air conditioning can consume 60% of the electricity in an average office building, if coils are not protected from corrosive elements, operating costs will accumulate rapidly.

Thermoguard (T.G. Coating) offers a wide range of product applications to increase the corrosion resistance of HVAC & R units and other coils. The capacity of a heat exchanger originates from the absorption or rejection of heat from the aluminum / copper finned surfaces.
The coolant travels through the copper or other tubes transporting the heat throughout the system. When corrosion is present, it deteriorates the finned surface area and/or the bonding between aluminium fins and copper tubes (known as galvanic corrosion), therefore the capacity of the heat exchanger can deterioate substantially.

Advantages of T.G coatings are,

  • Less Dirt Adhesion & High corrosion resistance
  • No microbial, Aluminum or galvanic Corrosion & No fungi growth
  • Minimum influence on K-Value & Temp resistance –30⁰ C to 180⁰ C
  • Droplets shed off more easily & so Less frequent cleaning
  • Non poisonous micro biocide
  • Minimum influence on Δ P
  • Prevents bad odors & growth of mold