Dolphin Radiators & Cooling Systems LLC

Since   1986

'Pioneers in the Heat Transfer Industry'

Evaporators & Condensers

We specialize in design and manufacturing of Evaporator (Direct Expansion – DX) Coils for HVAC equipments. Standard or custom built direct expansion cooling coils (evaporator) are manufactured for a wide variety of applications.

Single, dual or quad compressor circuits are available for both duct mounted and central system applications. Options of row and face control, as well as interlaced circuiting provide the highest precision in capacity regulation.

Complete design flexibility allows each coil to be furnished with special connectors, distributors, and framework designed to suit customer specific needs.

Our unique interlaced circuiting options assure uniform refrigerant distribution over the entire face area of the coil. Wide fin spacing availability reduces the affect of frost build-up on low temperature applications.

DOLPHIN air-cooled condensers are single row or multiple row compact fin & tube (fin block type) coils which are suitable for all types of condensing applications.

The units are designed to use standard commercial and industrial refrigeration, and air conditioning systems.Typically, the refrigerant is first de-superheated, and then condensed from vapor to liquid within the condenser.

We design and manufacture condenser coils for O.E.M. and aftermarket replacement applications. Condenser coils are available in single or multiple circuits to meet any condensing or heat reclamation project.

Replacement ‘L’ shaped, ‘U’ shaped or round condensing coils can be manufactured to customer specifications.

Separate integrated sub-cooling circuits can also be designed into the coil. We also design and manufacture remote type condenser coils with fan assemblies and steel structures which are used in chiller units and other industrial applications.