Dolphin Radiators & Cooling Systems LLC

Since   1986

'Pioneers in the Heat Transfer Industry'

Oil & Gas

  • Dolphin has been appointed the exclusive distributor for RYDLYME, renowned as the world’s leading biodegradable descaler, across the UAE & Oman. With over 38 years of experience in serving the Oil, Gas, and Marine Industries, Dolphin has established its presence in Sharjah, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Fujairah, and Dubai. We are actively engaged in projects throughout Dubai, the Northern Emirates, and their respective anchorages and ports
  • In addition to our core services, Dolphin Radiators operates specialized HVAC and A.S.M.E. divisions to support the shipping industry alongside our Heat Exchanger Division. Our Air Conditioning Division is staffed with dedicated professionals who regularly service ships, handling tasks ranging from leak repairs to comprehensive overhauls and replacements of chiller systems. This division is particularly adept at swiftly replacing AHU coils, benefiting from direct access to custom-manufactured coils.
  • Dolphin Heat Transfer (DHT) is a certified manufacturer of high-pressure heat exchangers and vessels. We are authorized to operate under ASME U, S, and the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel R and NB stamps. Based in Ajman, our fully equipped workshop can produce a wide range of heat exchangers, supported by full CNC production capabilities.
  • We maintain a substantial inventory of various tubes (Aluminum Brass, Cu/Ni 70/30, Cu/Ni 90/10, Copper, and C.S) and an extensive selection of Titanium Plates to accommodate different types of Plate Heat Exchangers. Our Senior Management team and Technicians possess the experience and flexibility necessary to ensure each job is executed with precision, using the right tools and equipment to meet deadlines. We offer our products and services either as part of a comprehensive development plan or on an individual basis, as required by our clients.