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Maintenance Services

Over a time period, all the heat exchangers are subject to fouling. Fouling is materials / scales deposited on the heat transfer surface areas and can also cause the corrosion on metal surfaces. As the heat exchanger accumulates fouling, the efficiency of heat dissipation is reduced. Pressure drop also increases, requiring a higher flow rate or greater temperature differences to operate correctly. So periodic maintenances / services are mandatory for all the heat exchangers, based on their applications, site conditions and usage factors.

Dolphin cleaning is done either on or off-site in a specially designed and equipped facility. Our experienced engineering team with trained technicians use latest equipment’s, eco-friendly cleaning materials with advanced procedures, to ensure that the process is safe, effective and fast. Our one-stop approach enables our customers to handover the total work scope to one contractor without any interface issues.

The following activities are carried out by our team.

  • Hydro Jetting
  • Cleaning Chemical Cleaning Onsite & In house
  •  Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Refurbishment of Heat Exchangers
  • Re-tubing of Heat Exchangers (f) Industrial Coatings