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Heat Pipes

Heat Recovery Heat Pipes: The Future of HVAC Comfort and Efficiency

HVAC systems are evolving, with companies pushing the boundaries of comfort and efficiency to new heights. Enter Dolphin’s innovative Heat Recovery Heat Pipe solutions – the pinnacle of these efforts. By seamlessly integrating the benefits of energy savings with enhanced indoor air quality, Dolphin has introduced a game-changer in the HVAC industry.

What are Heat Recovery Heat Pipes?

Heat Recovery Heat Pipes (HRHPs) are a type of passive heat exchanger. They allow for the transfer of heat from the exhaust air stream to the fresh intake air in HVAC systems, without the two air streams ever coming into direct contact. This results in reduced energy consumption, as the HVAC system requires less energy to condition the incoming air, thereby providing both energy savings and comfort enhancement.

The Dolphin Advantage

What sets Dolphin’s solution apart from the rest? Here’s why professionals and homeowners alike are raving about the ‘Dolphin Advantage’:

  • Plug and Play Technology: Gone are the days of complicated installations and setups. Dolphin’s HRHPs are designed to be hassle-free with ‘plug and play’ technology. Just integrate it with your existing HVAC setup, and it’s ready to go.
  • Moisture Reduction: Moisture in the indoor environment can lead to a myriad of issues, including mold growth and respiratory complications. Dolphin’s Heat Pipes excel in moisture reduction, ensuring a fresher indoor environment.
  • Enhanced Air Quality: As the world becomes increasingly urbanized, the quality of indoor air becomes a significant concern, especially in public spaces. Dolphin’s Heat Pipes stand out by ensuring enhanced air quality in places like hospitals, schools, malls, hotels, and hypermarkets.

Towards a Sustainable Future

But Dolphin’s commitment doesn’t end with just superior technology. The company is on a mission to make the world a better place. By choosing Dolphin, you’re not just choosing comfort and efficiency; you’re also opting for a sustainable solution.

Heat recovery, by its nature, reduces energy wastage and thereby lowers carbon emissions. Dolphin is not only helping to cut costs but also working to reduce our carbon footprint. This represents a stride towards a greener, more sustainable future.

With increasing energy prices and a global push towards sustainability, it’s high time we embrace technologies that not only promise enhanced comfort but also significant energy savings. Dolphin’s Heat Recovery Heat Pipe solutions encapsulate this vision.

Experience the difference; breathe better, live better, and contribute to a healthier environment with Dolphin. Join us in the journey towards a greener future.

Dolphin has designed and manufactured different kinds of Heat Exchangers for over 38 years. We have now introduced Heat Pipes into our product range. We are dedicated to the design and manufacturing of Wrap Around Dehumidifier Heat Pipes and Heat Recovery Heat Pipes.

Wrap Around Heat Pipes

Wrap around heat pipes consists of two sections. Precool coil is placed in the coming air stream before cooling coil. When the warm air passes over the precool coil the liquid refrigerant vaporises and moving heat to the Reheat coil placed after the cooling coil. Air passing to the cooling coil drops to a lower temperature, because the heat has been removed from the air before entering to evaporator coil. Resulting in more moisture removal. The reheat coil will reheat the overcooled air to a desired temperature and a lower relative humidity, using the same heat originally absorbed by the Precool coil.

The technology has been used in many applications world wide : Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Libraries, Colleges, Schools, Military facilities and Government Buildings.

Wrap Around Heat Pipes Advantages

•           No direct energy input

•           No moving parts

•           Totally passive

•           Up to twice as much moisture extraction

•           No need for reheat or desiccant systems

•           Easy drainage of condensation

•           Virtually maintenance-free

•           Environmentally safe

•           Create healthy environment by providing better indoor air quality

Vertical/ Horizontal: Heat Recovery Heat Pipes

The heat pipe extracts heat from the waste air stream and adds it to the incoming stream. With a minimum set up cost and no running cost. The effectiveness of this process can be as high as 75%.

The main usage of this technology is in the following buildings : Manufacturing, Hospitals, Medical Buildings, Clean rooms & Data centers.

Vertical/ Horizontal: Heat Recovery Heat Pipes Advantages

•           No direct energy input

•           Low air pressure drop

•           Totally passive

•           Virtually maintenance-free

•           Create healthy environment by providing better indoor air quality.