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Heat Pump

Heat Pump
Heat pump is the base of all air conditioning systems. A great advantage is that it can produce both, air-conditioning and heating, if the device is made reversible.

Heat pumps advantages

  • High energy efficiency
  • It allows an integral heating & cooling system


  • Climatization: Climatization of small locals, offices and commercial buildings
  • Hot water: Water is a source of heat. The highest demand of hot water is in the morning, so we can save costs generating hot water during the night.
  • Swimming pools climatization: In covered swimming pools, air must be ventilated due to the high air humidity.
  • Heating, climatization and hot water: They supply water to the fan-coils, for the heating of industries.
  • Water heating: Sometimes, some industrial processes need hot and cool water simultaneously. Compression pumps with electric engine are the best option for these facilities.
  • Products drying: For industrial dehumidifying, heat pumps are also the best option.
  • Other usages of heat pumps: Distillation, greenhouse heating, and other industrial usages.