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Microchannel (MCHX) Coils

Dolphin has designed and manufactured different kinds of Heat Exchangers for over 30 years. We have now introduced complete aluminum Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers into our product range. We are dedicated to the design and manufacturing of Micro-Channel Heat Exchangers used in the HVAC/R and Industrial applications. This Technology provides a way to improve thermal performance, reduce refrigerant charge and improve corrosion resistance. Parallel flow aluminum tubes are brazed to aluminum fins under Controlled Atmosphere Brazing process

  • Converting conventional round tube plate fin technology to Micro-Channel reduces the tube thickness and results lower air side pressure drop, and saves energy as less power is needed to force the cooling air through the core.
  • Reduced internal diameter of the tube leads to lower refrigerant charge which helps to decrease the amount of refrigerants.
  • The single metal concept eliminates the electrochemical potential difference of the base materials which has reduced the life time of the conventional RTPF- products.
  • The Micro-Channels maximize refrigerant side heat transfer via multiple tiny refrigerant channels which contribute to improved heat transfer by more turbulentic instead of laminar flow and by increased primary surface area.
  • Unlike in mechanically bonded RTPF-technology the metallurgical fin-tube bond resulting from brazing operations maximizes the surface contact and increases the heat transfer surface area.
  • The lower density and LME price of Aluminum result to less weight per heat exchanger with the lower cost than the traditional coils.