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Since   1986

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Storage Tanks

DOLPHIN carries out detailed fabrication drawings of Storage Tanks as per ASME Sec.VIII Div.I. All fabrication drawings are generated on the drawing software. Fabrication facilities include CNC Drilling, in addition to the regular machines like Plate Bending, TIG / ARC Welding, Grinding, Plasma Cutting, etc. Complete range of vertical and horizontal mounted Storage tanks are used in industries ranging from Chemical Plants and Paper Mills to Oil Refineries and offshore platforms. Customer’s specific thermal, mechanical and dimensional requirements are met with full Certification.We can provide both dry bulk Storage and Liquid Storage

Dry Bulk Storage Application

  • Minerals and Aggregates
  • Food products
  • System Installed Tanks
  • Petrochemical & plastic resin
  • Power application Blenders

Liquid Storage Application

  • Industrial liquids
  • Chemical Storages