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Water / Air Cooled Condenser Chillers

DOLCOOL branded DAW Series Air Cooled Modular Chillers are available in Capacities from 27 KW to 576 KW, these are suitable for mostly all commercial and industrial liquid Cooling/Heating applications. They are completely factory assembled and ready to operate after connection to power and water supplies. These modular chillers are dependable complete systems which include compressors (Scroll/Screw), operating and safety controls, internal power and control wiring, built in flow switch and pump On / Off control and are charged with refrigerant (R22 / R134a) in the factory. The unit capacity can be varied by staging the compressors in response to variations in return water temperature. Each unit is factory operated and performance tested at various controlled ambient and water temperature conditions. DAW series Chillers are engineered to provide trouble free operation at ambient temperature conditions as high as 55C. Dolcool Liquid chillers are also available depending upon temperature, ambient and plant layout, which are purely customized and designed. In liquid chillers, water is used to condense the refrigerant and then circulate it through a cooling tower.