Dolphin Radiators & Cooling Systems LLC

Since   1986

'Pioneers in the Heat Transfer Industry'

Main Engine Lube Oil Cooler

This system supplies lubricating oil to the engine bearings, and cooling oil to the pistons. Lubricating oil is pumped from ME LO Circulating Tank, placed in the double bottom beneath the engine, by means of the ME LO Pump, to the ME LO Cooler. We undertake Design, Manufacture and supply of:

  • Tube renewal
  • Partial Renewal of Tubes (Copper / Nickel Or Aluminium / Brass)
  • Changing gland packing (Floating Bundle)
  • Cleaning – Tube side with high pressure water lance
  • Cleaning with water drilling in order to remove any hard scale formation
  • Pressure testing
  • Internal Coating (Marine Paint)
  • Internal Rubber Lining